I Love Israel

Image result for shana tova happy new yearShana Tova! It’s Rosh Hashanah tonight. Sadly I am sick in bed with a pretty gross cold (One of the side effects of working with children). I’m missing out on dinner tonight in the hope that if I stay home and rest I will be healthy enough to go to the barbecue tomorrow. I figured I should take this time before the new year, while I am stuck in bed to write about some of my favorite things about Israel and living here.

  1. Israel is a Jewish State. I’m still getting used to the fact that the Jewish Holidays are the holidays. It’s such a change from the US where you are expected to go to school or work on many Jewish Holidays; Not being a minority is a nice change.
  2. Hanging Clothes out to dry. I love letting my clothes air dry. I wash them, then hang them on a drying rack on our patio. I feel like an amazing person because I’m being environmentally friendly, my clothes stay in better condition and are hardly wrinkled.
  3. Eating Healthy is Affordable. High quality fresh raw foods are sold everywhere and at way cheaper prices than most places in the US. I can get a weeks worth of produce for less than $10.00 If I do a good job shopping. Processed junk food is much more expensive, which is the exact opposite of the US.
  4. Ease of Public Transportation. The public transportation system in Israel is fantastic. There are trains and buses that can get you almost anywhere you need to go without breaking the bank. Many people in Israel don’t have cars, and use public transportation as their only way to get around.
  5. Security. I feel very safe in Israel. There are soldiers everywhere, and most civilians are former soldiers. There are also frequent security checks. If I want to enter the mall or a bus station I have to have my bag checked.
  6. Israeli Showers. Many showers in Israel, like the one in my apartment are just part of the floor. There is no wall keeping the water inside the shower area. After you finish taking a shower you use a squeegee and push all the water to the drain. It may sound inconvenient, but it keeps the bathroom floor very clean.
  7. The Weather. It’s October right now, but it’s still beach weather, and it will stay that way for 9 months out of the year. The other few months you can always take a trip to Eilat and find beach weather there.

One thought on “I Love Israel

  1. Linda McNally

    Hi ally, love reading your blog. Israel sounds so awesome. Wish I was there to experience it. Thankfully I can live it through you. Happy New Year. I hope you feel better soon. Sending my live


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