Missiles and Robbers

I have had such a strange day. This morning at school we had a missile drill, where a siren sounds and everyone has one minute to get to safety. It was very different from fire drills in the US where the students line up single file, and silently walk to safety, where they are all accounted for by their teachers.

Students goofing off in the “shelter”

During the missile drill all the students burst from their class rooms, making so much noise I couldn’t hear the sirens. I was afraid I was going to be crushed by a bunch of elementary school students. It was total chaos.

After school was over I stopped at this cool Russian market to buy some butter, and I get a text from my roommates that our apartment has been broken into and the cops are on the way over.  I rushed home and found all our bedrooms ransacked, some more than others. The robbers somehow got in through our front door in broad daylight, and then went through our clothes shelves throwing everything on the ground. They only took cash from two girls, leaving our laptops and passports alone. The strange thing is that they didn’t take all the money, they went through the bills and left some of the money, which would have taken longer than just taking all the money.

Dusting for prints.

A forensic policeman came over and dusted for prints, which made a big mess. One of the English teachers we work with came over with her son to help us talk to the policemen. I felt like a huge idiot because I was having a hard time remembering what had happened over the past two weeks, but in my defense it’s been pretty crazy, moving to a new country and all.

Francine got fingerprinted, still waiting to see if she was the robber.

I was really sad that we had to miss our Ulpan class because we were waiting for the police to come, and then the maintenance guy so he could change the locks on our door. We only have Ulpan once a week for four hours, so missing one class is going to really set me back in my Hebrew learning goals.

After the police left Ofir, from Destination Israel came to see us from Tel Aviv, and he bought us pizza. So moral of the story is that if you get robbed on a Destination Israel program you will get pizza. If we get robbed again we are getting ice cream, but lets hope it doesn’t come to that.

Thanks for the pizza Ofir!

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