Hebrew is Bananas

The Hebrew word for banana is banana. Last week we had our first Ulpan class. We have an amazing teacher named Liora, and she has her work cut out for her. Some people in the class (me) have never studied Hebrew before, and some others like Alana are almost fluent. Our Ulpan class lasts for four hours! After the first two hours I was mentally done, but after four hours I think we all felt like out brains were going to explode. I really wish we could have Ulpan twice a week for two hours, instead of one a week for four hours. We learned the first seven letters of the alphabet and how to write them. We also learned how the vowels work.

Clearly I am a Hebrew expert.


We also learned how to say a few sentences about where we live, where we are from, and that we are not new immigrants. Hebrew can be really confusing and here is an example:

The word for She is He.

The word for He is Who.

That just seems like it is supposed to be intentionally confusing. I am going to have to study so much this year. Once I know a few more things to say I can start working on my horrible accent.

נתראה אחר כך



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