First Week is Over

I survived my first week in the classroom. I’m working with one of my roommates at a school about ten minutes away from my apartment, which is super convenient. My school has about 500 students, and two English teachers. This is a very critical year for the school because the fifth graders have to take the Mitszav, a standardized test from the Ministry of Education, it only happens every four or five years.

Our first day welcome.

For privacy reasons we have to blur out the faces of the kids in pictures. The blurry faces do give the photos a bit of an ominous feel.

I was surprised at how well behaved and advanced our students are in English. I had been told continuously that I should be prepared for the students to be wild, and the behavior to be very different than what is expected in the typical US classroom. I’m not sure if it is unique to the school I am at, but I have not experienced anything like this.

Students behaving.

The other staff members have all been so nice to us, helping us with our Hebrew, and making sure we are comfortable and have everything we need. I have been so pleasantly surprised. I think this year is going to go really well.

The textbooks have instructions in Hebrew and Arabic.

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