Our First Shabbat

Shabat Shalom from Ashdod! Last night we had our first Shabbat dinner together as a group. We all went over to the other groups apartment, which is way nicer than ours, but don’t get me started on that. Our MITF Ima Irit brought over some dough, and taught us all how to make fresh challah. Cara and I, as the Celiacs of the group sat on the couch drinking wine as everyone else worked hard, sometimes being a Celiac is nice. The challah making went well, there was only one small fire. We said the usual prayers and talked about our own Shabbat traditions from home.

image3 (1).JPG
Homemade Challah.

After dinner a few of us went down to the restaurants and bars next to the beach. We decided to be Israeli and order two hookahs.


Today we spent the day at the beach. The beach was really crowded with families enjoying Shabbat together.


One thing I love about Israel is that you can spend Shabbat doing whatever feels right to you; you can go to Shul, or you can spend it laying out at the beach. The beaches in Ashdod, like most of the beaches in Israel are incredible; Soft sand, and crystal clear Mediterranean water. It’s weird to think that that tomorrow, Sunday is a workday here in Israel. We finally got our school assignments and will begin observations in the upcoming week.



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