Yesterday morning we attempted to open bank accounts at two different banks, but there was some sort of problem and we have to try again another day. Not being able to read Hebrew I have been relying on pictures a lot, which is difficult because the advertisements here don’t always make a lot of sense to me. Outside one of the banks was a giant picture of two backpackers hugging on top of a mountain, how does that have anything to do with a bank?

The next errand we had to do was have our private meetings with Irit. On the way to meet Irit I walked by a Cofix. I was so excited because I am a little obsessed with Cofix, and this was the first one I saw in Ashdod. Cofix is amazing because everything is five NIS. They also have these amazing gluten free muffins by Green Leaf, one of my favorite Israeli gluten free brands.

My gluten free good luck continued when I met  Irit at Aroma, another popular Israeli coffee chain at the mall. Aroma has really good gluten free bread. There was also a Rebar in the mall, which makes delicious smoothies, but the best thing about them is that every single ingredient was gluten free, and most of them were very healthy.

As I was leaving the mall I saw one of the supermarkets that I was told might have gluten free products, so I went to check it out, and it was a goldmine. I found every single gluten free product I would need, bread, pasta, pretzels, cereal, flour, even gnocchi. The prices were not even that bad, not more than I pay for gluten free food in the US. The supermarket is located right next to the central bus station, which makes it extremely convenient for me to stock up on gluten free goodies. I was a very happy Celaic.

image1 (7).JPG
Gluten free food.



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